Summer is fast approaching. Everyone is looking to beat the summer heat before energy bills even skyrocket. In today’s standards, most Aussie homes feature a central air conditioning unit installed to cool the entire house instead of just one room. However, while that may be the case, that’s not always the most affordable option. A centralised AC system can cost quite a hefty sum, not to mention the charge for the installers you’re going to hire. So if you don’t have the budget, don’t force yourself and go for an alternative version instead, like a traditional window air conditioner.


While no longer as popular as before, window air conditioners can still get the job done. You might be wondering that of all the air conditioning units available, why a window AC? At Mannix – Window Air Conditioner, we’re going to show you why this type of AC is still ideal in today’s trends:


Low Cost


Since window air conditioners are no longer as popular as before, and because people are going for a more advanced AC unit, it now costs half of its original price. Keeping in mind that it’s still a useful AC unit, then you can potentially save much and get the same amount of coolness and relaxation. Most air conditioners nowadays run as far as AU$2000. However, with a window air conditioner, you can potentially get it for just AU$300 – a fraction of what you would spend if you go for other types of AC systems.



Energy Efficient


This one is arguably the most important benefit that you can get from a window air conditioner. Are you looking to stay cool during the summer without having to spend some extra money?  A Mannix – window air conditioner is definitely for you! This type of AC system features an excellent energy efficiency ratio (EER) which gives you a better understanding of how much they can cool an entire room compared to the amount of energy they require to run. So to get the most benefit out of your AC investment, you should get make sure that the window AC you get has a high EER rating.


By looking at these two benefits, you can already tell that a window air conditioning unit is still relevant. It might have regressed when it comes to popularity, but it’s still an amazing AC unit to have at home.