If you are installing a patio in your backyard, perhaps as part of a larger outdoor living space idea, then adding wooden decking can be the ideal choice. One of the best things about decking is that there are lots of design ideas that you can use to transform a standard patio into a striking feature of your home. By selecting a style that complements your backyard, you will be able to create a talking point in your garden that will also serve as a practical space for you to use during the summer months.

Basic decking designs

If you’re looking to create an outdoor space from your decking, then you might prefer to use a simple flat decking design that serves as a floor for your external living space. If you want to create a patio from timber decking Adelaide, you’ll want to consider a simple style that creates a basic flat deck, to which walls and roofs can be added according to your tastes. The timber decking here will be straight and flat, and most homeowners will choose to have this as the external perimeter leading to a grass lawn, or a swimming pool. If you already have attractive features in your garden, then you do not need an extravagant floor in your patio.

More elaborate decks

Homeowners who want to have something more eye-catching for their decking need to consider more detailed alternatives to a flat decking. With timber decking, you have the opportunity to create different levels of flooring, including steps and raised terraces. Installation teams can supply and install balustrades and handrails for safety. This is necessary for external rooms, whereby a timber deck can look unfinished without these safety devices.

Timber decking or stone patio?

You may be torn between the wood decking designs and the more traditional choice of a stone patio floor. There are several reasons why people choose stone floors for their entertaining areas, not least because they are available in a wider variety of colours and are easier to maintain than timber flooring. It also blends seamlessly with the colours and patterns of properties themselves, since most homes do not feature a wood finish on their exterior walls.

Timbers, on the other hand, have a faster, less complicated construction, which means the wood is a cost-effective choice for homeowners who want to stick to a budget. By using timber decking Adelaide, residents can also use a material that looks natural and will give their outside spaces a more unified look, so there is less contrast between the start of the patio and a backyard lawn, for example.