From teeth whitening to surgery, today’s cosmetic dentistry Adelaide solutions leave no dental problem unsolved. The latest researches and technologies have made cosmetic procedures for various dental concerns more accurate, safer and faster.

In-office whitening treatments are far from what was done a few years ago. Without any artificial additions, the thick gel with high peroxide concentration lets dentists correct the discoloured teeth of their patients in a more efficient and faster way. Also, even those with sensitive teeth and gums can now be considered for this treatment, since the thickness of the gel prevents penetration into the teeth and gums.

Aside from this, whitening treatments are now boosted by the use of light beams. This technology further activates the whitening power of the gel. As a result, after just one session, you’ll already see a significantly lighter shade of your teeth.

If you still prefer doing your teeth whitening at home, you can consult your dentist for a professionally dispensed take-home whitening kit, instead of purchasing over-the-counter strips, gels or toothpaste. However, take-home whitening kits have gels with lower peroxide concentration, since they won’t be applied personally by a dental expert. Results can only be seen in about a couple of weeks.

But if you’ve got severe discoloration of teeth that can’t be remedied by whitening treatments, porcelain veneers or laminates are highly recommended cosmetic dentistry solutions. Once bonded to your teeth, porcelain veneers look like your healthy natural teeth. This material is also tough, resistant and non-porous – a much better choice than the usual composite resin type. Veneers are also prescribed for those who’ve been problematic about their gapped, crooked, or fractured teeth.

Another option for those with crooked or cracked teeth is dental contouring. This reshaping procedure can remedy the dental problem even in just a single session. It can also solve the problem of overlapping teeth. It is usually done to improve the length, shape, and position of your teeth.

Some people’s dental concern includes not only their teeth but also their gums. “Gummy” smiles are quickly addressed now with faster and safer cosmetic gum surgery. It reduces the gums that cover your teeth and make the teeth appear longer.

The recent advances in research and technology have made an impact in cosmetic dentistry Adelaide solutions. You now have more treatment options, whatever your dental concerns are. Just a reminder, though. Make sure that you consult your dentist well before undergoing any of these treatments.