The artificial grass prices largely depend on the amount of the product needed. It is sold by the square feet, in most cases. Its installation is vigorous and includes using intensive labour which can be very costly. However, this doesn’t delude the importance of having it installed correctly to maximise its durability and usability.

If you intend to buy synthetic grass, you can be assured that the bigger the size of your yard, the deeper you need to dig into your pockets. Its installation process is involving because it entails clearing of the existing vegetation and grass, evenly distributing and flattening a well-crushed rock base, adhering and installing the synthetic grass, then integrating and placing the rubber and sand infills. A lot of materials and labour are involved to have a lawn with synthetic grass installed.

While isn’t beyond you to install your artificial grass, you need to have the work done in the right manner which is only possible if you have the required tools, necessary skills, and ample time to do it. You can purchase all the products you need from suppliers. Self-installation can only be sensible if you need it fixed in a small area.

There are other many considerations that you need to check if you have to install synthetic grass in your yard. If you have a plan of living in your current home for more than ten years, then having artificial grass installed makes perfect sense. Doing this can help you actualize the dream of having a perfectly manicured lawn for many years to come. No more time will have to be spent on trimming, weeding, watering and edging your lawn.

If you need to move after a few years, having a synthetic turf installed can be a great investment. Statistics have proven that making an investment in landscaping will always yield good returns on investments, as opposed to taking up any other home improvement projects. Having a perfectly manicured lawn can be of great interest to potential buyers and be a key selling point.

When you are choosing the artificial grass that you need, there are a variety of different brands and types you can choose from. There are different types of materials, fibres, blades and lengths. There are polypropylene, nylon, or a mixture of the two. Most companies will provide you with a free quote and consultation on their services and products. Since most homes vary in size and workmanship required, most companies will not disclose their prices on the spot. However, most always factor in installation costs in their price and charge as per square foot.

When it comes to artificial grass Gold Coast cost, you can expect to pay up to $4 per square foot of installed synthetic grass. It might seem high, but if you calculate the costs, you pay for gas, overtime lawn mowers charges, supplies, and garden tools, fertilisers, water, the amount of time used to maintain it, and other lawn products, having an artificial lawn can duly justify this cost.