Palm trees are a standard addition to gardens and yards across Australia. You see them in commercial as well as residential establishments. The value a palm tree has in landscaping and decoration is undeniable. However, similar to other plants, you need to take care of it to achieve desired aesthetic value. A crucial aspect of maintaining your palm tree is pruning. In a way, you never will obtain visual satisfaction without palm tree pruning Brisbane.

So, why prune palm trees instead of letting them grow naturally? For starters, pruning is essential for safety purposes. If you leave them unattended, the thick and overgrown leaves immediately become a hazard since they can catch and spread the fire. The fronds, regardless of them being dry or healthy, must be subject to pruning since you do not get anything from them other than annoyance and safety hazard.

Keep in mind that fronds are more likely to fall and result in damage to your property, or even worse, cause injury to passers-by if you do not prune your palm tree. There also is an increased risk or danger if the palm trees on your property stand close to electrical wiring or telephone cables. In times when the wind blows hard towards the fronds, they may quickly break off and fall on the cables and wires. Since palm tree fronds have spines and sharp edges, they can cause serious injury to pets and people who happen to pass by your property.

Know that pruning is not the literal removal of the fronds on a palm tree; there is more to it than what you think you know. Many palm tree species produce an unconventionally high amount of seeds, most of which fall to the ground. As they germinate and you do nothing about it, it can lead to a growing weed problem. Accordingly, palm tree pruning Brisbane involves removing fruit stalks and palm flowers right before the seeds find their way down.

Furthermore, the palm tree flowers and fruits need nutrients for them to develop. The pruning process frees up nutrients taken by the tree for growing new fronds. Be aware that the stalks and flowers become an ideal place for insects and pests to hide and build a home. So, if you prune them regularly, you prevent the possibility of developing some pest infestation.

Finally, if the primary objective of having a palm tree on your property is to improve its looks, all the more reason you have to prune them on a regular basis. No home or property owner wants to see a palm tree with dead or broken fronds since it just looks too awful. Likewise, the lack of pruning defeats the purpose of using the palm tree as décor to your outdoor space.