If you are contemplating a camping event, there are many things you need to think about like food, tents etc. However, many people pay no much attention to showering, and this can make or break your camping event. You need to ensure that you have a portable shower that can offer you at least the basic of your bathroom. When considering a portable shower, you have to take into account the issue of hot water. Not all people like a cold bath, and if you are one of them, then you need to think of an instant hot water system camping shower.

When considering camping showers, you will come across many of them in the market, and you need to know what can work for you based on what it can offer you and also what you can afford. First, you need to consider your needs. If you enjoy taking a hot shower, then you need to ensure that the camping shower you are buying can offer you hot water. For those who are on a budget, one can go for the no-frills solar camping shower. It is lightweight, it is low-tech and relies on the sun on to heat the water and gravity for water flow pressure. For any camping, this is the kind of shower you need to take along with you.

instant hot water system campingFor those who love hot water and have the budget, the propane heated camping showers are a good option. These are not lightweight and the propane tankcan double as gas supply for your camping stove so that you will haul less gear. They have a battery powered pump that pulls water from a source and then runs it through an in-line water heater and out to the showering head. The best models offer instant hot water and have fine-tuned heat controls to ensure that you get the right temperature. Note that these systems are expensive and will take considerable space when packing your camping gear.

Another option if you are looking for instant hot water system camping showers are the tankless camping showers which work with garden hoses and internal plumbing systems in RVs and camping cabins. They do not have a pump like the propane heated camping showers; they need a water source that will provide pressure. Just like the propane camping showers, they give you the convenience of instant hot water. The best models in this category work well with standard 16.4 oz. disposable propane tanks and the regular garden hose connectors. You can have it hanging it from a tree branch, but there are a few also that are self-standing where you can set it up on something like a picnic table. All you need is choose the ideal camping shower, and your camping experience will be a success.