Professional podiatrists are doctors who specialise in diagnosing and treating problems related to the feet, ankle, and lower extremities. In most instances, they work to address both common and rare nail and skin problems of the feet. As medical professionals, they can work as a team to combine their expertise and eventually afford them to those who need it. A highly experienced podiatry team Adelaide can do more than just treating problems in a patient’s lower extremities since they can also maintain the mobility of elderly or disabled patients, giving them the chance to live a normal life.

Another way a team of podiatrists can help is by monitoring foot health, more particularly for those who have diabetes or any circulation problems. Professional podiatrists play a critical role in the prevention and management of complications to the lower limbs of patients who have diabetes.

As experts in foot care, a team of podiatrists offers a wide range of treatment options for minor and major nail conditions, including those acute and chronic. Treatment may vary based on the pathology. The good news is the majority of the treatment options are painless and won’t cost that much. The best example is the use of local anaesthesia for the surgical correction of ingrown toenails that have gone chronic in nature. Interestingly, the prevention and treatment of warts, calluses, and corns are also one of the skills podiatrists learn as part of their training and study.

Furthermore, since many systemic diseases affect the joints in the foot, i.e. arthritis and gout, a team of podiatrists monitors the feet for any signs or proof of degenerative changes. Long-term exposure to systemic diseases and the medications used to alleviate the pain can lead to peripheral neuropathies and circulatory pathology, which in turn could result to higher chances of ulceration, skin and nail lesions, and even foot deformation.

However, it is no secret that the treating chronic foot pain is one of the primary reasons why people seek a podiatrist’s expert medical advice. Moreover, in determining what the problem is, this type of medical expert needs to evaluate and treat each patient as unique, particularly in their need of treatment.  Determining the cause of the injuries is the initial objective, which ultimately will provide answers on how to prevent the possible development of deformities.

Finally, a highly experienced podiatry team Adelaide provides help to people who suffer from some sports injury. A great deal of physical activity leads to higher likelihood of damage, especially when pushing the lower extremities and the feet to their limits. A podiatrist helps in diagnosing foot conditions, and in the process, the information this medical professional obtains becomes valuable in recommending the right footwear as well as the ideal training or workout regimen to apply for rehabilitation purposes after an injury.