Most types of neck pain are a result of sudden trauma like sprains or muscle strains that tend to heal quickly. Thus, treatment starts with conservative care for neck pain. This is in the form of medications, ice/heat therapy, muscle conditioning and physical therapy.

Typically, all these treatments help in relieving the pain and improving the condition, and it is only chronic pain that requires interventional treatment. If there are no degenerative changes, doctors will suggest that the patient sees a physiotherapist and 90% of people respond very well to this treatment.

Multiple treatment sessions

The patient will be required to go in for multiple massage and physiotherapy sessions. If someone is involved in any high-risk activities, like certain recreational activities, heavy weight-lifting or impact-type activities, they will be restricted from continuing them for a period. The patient will also be given tips on maintaining the correct posture. Today, a majority of people tend to have desk jobs and sit hunched over their PC’s for hours on end. All of this impacts the condition of the neck and might lead to a niggling neck pain.

The physiotherapist might also advise the patient to use a firm supporting pillow. This may be helpful for some people when they are sleeping. The important thing is that a person who suffers from neck pain should not use more than one pillow. The physiotherapist might also advise various treatments such as heat, traction, manipulation, cold compresses, etc. Most of these treatments have to done in combination which makes them more efficient. The patient might also be given certain simple exercises to do at home. In some cases, they might be prescribed some pain medication or muscle relaxants.

The nature of the condition

All of this will be dependent on the nature and the severity of the neck pain. In most cases, if the condition is not too severe or if any injury does not cause the pain, the symptoms will improve over a couple of weeks. Follow-up visits to the physiotherapist are recommended.

He/she will then decide whether you need any further treatment or not. Neck pain should not be taken lightly. It is important to get it checked no matter how insignificant it might seem. That is the best way of ensuring that the pain does not escalate. Today, physio treatment is considered to be very useful in the treatment of neck pain, and most doctors recommend it.

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